RBS Car Hire Safety Road Tips

Planning that long awaited road trip along the West Coast or Garden Route or just simply taking a break from home?  Arrive alive, stay awake and be safe with our driving tips.

  1. Early to bed the night before – sleep well and eat well! Do know that coffee is well known to give you that kick, but it is not the best way to stay awake while driving. Initially this might keep you alert, but be warned, the effects works off much quicker than anticipated.
  2. After a couple of hours driving, pull over for a stretch, a snack or simply some fresh air.  It might be wise to take a forty winks nap to revive the mind and body.
  3. As a solo driver always turn on the radio to listen to music and have your window slightly open. Concentrating on a constant speed helps to keep you awake. On the other hand, if you do have a passenger that has a valid driver’s license, share driving responsibility. This helps both of you to keep an eye on each other and or the first driver could take a nap while the other is behind the wheel.
  4. If for some reason you have to pull over, move your vehicle off the road.  It is always best to pull over at a garage.  Never park on the shoulder of the road except for an emergency.
  5. It is illegal and irresponsible to use your mobile phone while driving, regardless of where you are travelling. Always use a hands-free device. ArriveAlive
  6. Drinking and driving is a crime!
  7. Keep an eye on the skies, check weather updates when planning your road trip Weather. Rather safe than sorry.
  8. Listen to radio traffic alerts, especially when approaching major cities. If you don’t have a smartphone, all-news stations on the FM dial are often your best bet.
  9. Carry a map book/atlas with you in the event of your GPS signal being bad.
  10. If you are driving a rental vehicle, familiarize yourself with the car and all of its equipment (horn, brakes,hazard lights).
  11. All valuables showed be stowed away and out of sight; in the trunk or glove compartment and stow all luggage in the trunk.
  12. Always abide by the traffic laws, this is for your own safety.
  13. Before embarking on a road trip, let your mechanic have an overall look at your vehicle. Always check that your tyres are inflated, oil is checked and always have a full tank of petrol.
  14. It is wise to become a member of AA or having road side assistance with your car insurance company. Break downs comes without warning.
  15. Keep track of your fuel consumption. Travelsmart by not carrying unnecessary weight.
  16. Always refuel your vehicle as soon as the gauge is on quarter of a tank. It is most unpleasant to be in a strange area and to have run out of fuel.
  17. When travelling with your entire family, it is wise to stop often. Make the journey fun for kids by exploring a new town, having some playtime, potty breaks and snack time.
  18. It is convenient to stop for snacks at the gas stations, but you might consider packing a picnic basket with all your healthy snacks before leaving home.
  19. Your vehicle should always be equipped with a spare tyre and the car tools in the event of a flat. Keep spare change handy for toll fees. Have wet wipes at hand for accidental spills, first aid kit, a flash light, pillow & blanket.
  20. Buckle Up! This last tip should go without saying!