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Anyone who has a valid unendorsed driver’s licence for at least three years.

  • Vehicle renters must have a valid credit card if they are not travelling on a company account / bill back voucher from a travel agency. This enables us to hold a deposit in the event of any loss or damage to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is returned, a credit card refund less the invoice amount takes place as soon as possible after the renter has complied with all legal obligations in terms of the Rental Agreement,
  • The refunds are subject to the standard rental Ts & Cs, provided there is no damage. The cardholder should have available funds for the rental deposit which varies according to the vehicle type and duration of rental. It is important for the customer to be aware that the rental deposits required on debit cards are higher than those on credit cards.
  • Waivers are not insurance. It is a legal, compulsory agreement between the rental company and the renter which generally limits the claim against a renter in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle.
  • The liability is the amount you pay if your hire vehicle is damaged or stolen (or part there of).  The amount will depend on the vehicle you hire and whether you choose to reduce the liability by upgrading your level of waiver.

The two waiver options are:

  • Standard Waiver:the customer is responsible for a limited liability amount in case of damage or loss. As the cost for a daily standard waiver is lower the liability payable for any damage or loss is higher.
  • Super Waiver:the customer will also be responsible for a limited liability amount for any damage or loss, but as the cost for a daily super waiver is higher, the liability amount payable for any damage or loss is lower.

Waivers are not honored by car rental companies in the case of negligence, meaning the customer would be held liable for the full amount of damage (and not just the excess). Examples of this would be to allow an unauthorized person to drive the vehicle, accident due to excessive alcohol consumption or the vehicle being stolen when it was left unlocked. It is advisable to treat a rented vehicle as if it is your own.

Certain vehicles may enter neighboring South African countries, but over-border rules apply and fees are applicable. Cross-border travel intention must be reported prior to rental to ensure the required documentation is drawn up by the car rental companies and submitted to the customer for display at the border.

All vehicles are inspected prior to customer collection and then again when the vehicle is returned. An inspection form is filled out which documents kilometer’s travelled and any damage to the vehicle (if applicable). A copy of the inspection form is always left in the vehicles glove compartment / cubby hole for the next customer to verify. Any additional damage found on the vehicle, on its return, will be invoiced to the renter.

Once your reservation is confirmed  your RBS Car Hire  will place an authorization hold on your credit card.  The amount depends whether you chose to pay upfront when you booked your vehicle or later over the counter.

If you paid upfront, we place a hold on your card for the costs of any extras, fuel and services that have not already been paid for.

If you chose to pay later, we will hold the full cost of the hire plus extras and estimated cost of a tank of fuel.

When collecting the car

  • RBS Car Hire will  requests your bank to reserve a hold against the funds on your card.
  • Your bank with usually present this as a pending transaction that reduces the money you have available to spend. This might appear to be a debit on your statement, but it is not.
  • We do not charge your card. No funds are taken from your account.
  • This hold will be the estimated cost of your rental (including a tank of fuel and extras) less any amount paid in advance.

When returning the car

  • Once your card is charged with the invoice amount, the hold will be released by your bank.
  • As this was a temporary hold and not charged, the return funds will not be shown as a transaction on your statement, instead your available balance will increase.
  • Depending on your bank, it can take up to 30 days before this is reflected on your account balance.
  • The time to release the hold is not within our control.

Please contact your bank for any authorisation hold queries. 

The car rental companies do not charge a blanket fee to all renters but will bill for e-tolls used. The gazette standard tariffs will be charged.

Customers will benefit from the R270 per rental cap for GORT transactions (this limit includes a 20% administration fee). Certain conventional toll plazas have been added to the SANRAL e-tag system. Customers will be liable for the full bill of each gantry, including a 20% administration fee.

  • In the event of a traffic violation on rent, the fine will be issued to the car hire company. Upon receipt of the traffic fine, RBS Car Hire will redirect such traffic fine to the renter. A traffic fine administration fee of R310.00 will be levied. The relevant traffic metro will re-issue the traffic fine to the renter, who remains liable for payment thereof. Please be advised that traffic fines are sometimes received months after the original incident.
  • In the event of a spot fine, the renter is obliged to return the traffic fine to RBS Car Hire. Alternatively, the renter may settle the traffic fine directly with the relevant traffic authority. Proof of this payment should be safeguarded by the renter to avoid any late administration fees levied.
  • An accident or theft must be reported to RBS Car Hire and to the SAPS within 48 hours. The customer can contact the RBS Car Hire 24 hour call center to arrange for towing if needed as our vehicles may not be towed by any other party other than the AA or authorized subcontractor through the AA, arranged by RBS Car Hire. The renter will be required to complete a motor incident report, with comprehensive details regarding the incident, including all details of a third party involved if applicable. Minor damage to the vehicle must be reported to RBS Car Hire and our Mobility Partner when the vehicle is dropped off.
  • The vehicle will be sent to an approved panel beater/ dealer workshop for assessment and repairs. Upon completion of the claim, the renter will be invoiced according to the excess liability contracted to, as well as a claim administration fee.
  • Additional fees such as towing and assessment fees may also be levied. Payment method will be the one stipulated at the start of the rental, unless otherwise specified.

If you have received a reservation number (e.g. 4321-1234-ZA-1), your rental car has been booked and confirmed. There is nothing left for you to do but collect it

  • Credit card in the driver’s name
  • Valid driver’s license
  • If you have pre-paid for your car rental you will need to produce the same credit card that you used for the rental as well as the pre-paid voucher (unless stipulated that no voucher is required).
  • International visitors to South Africa will need to produce a valid passport as well.

If you have prepaid for your rental and cancel the booking a cancellation fee will be charged as follows:

At least 3 complete days before ‘pick up’  – The lower of (i) the full amount you have paid us, or (ii) R425.00.

Less than 3 complete days before ‘pick up’ – The lower of (i) the full amount you paid us, or (ii) 3 days’ worth of your booking.

On day of ‘pick up’ or if you do not cancel and fail to show-up – No refund. We will retain the full amount.

If you have chosen to pay for your rental when you collect your vehicle there will be no cancellation fee if you cancel before ‘pick up’ but should you fail to collect the vehicle without cancelling a ‘non-cancellation’ fee of R425.00 will be charged

Please note – if you have booked an Avis Prestige vehicle the following cancellation fee’s will apply:

Cancellation or amendment to check-out date and check-out date less than 7 days before the check-out will attract a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the confirmed rental.

If your rental is confirmed within the cancellation period, the full charges will be applied if cancelled.

Once a rental is in progress, the full number of days booked will be charged if the vehicle is returned ealier.

Yes, all you need to do is contact the car hire company used and we will extend your car rental to the date and time advised. When extending a rental an additional authorization will be reserved on your credit card straight away for the extra costs

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