Vehicle Selection

Choose from a selection of vehicles for your corporate and personal requirements.

Passenger Vehicles

If you are planning a business or leisure trip, our car rental range from small-sized budget cars, fuel-efficient economy cars, midsize cars, manual and automatic cars to hatchbacks, sedans and executive cars. You can rent a car easily and with no hassle, for a day, a week or even a month. Below we have a list of all our passenger vehicles available at RBS Car Hire and if you find the right vehicle rental for you, get a quote today and book your rental.

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If you are planning a business trip with your business partners, a tour group, a group of friends or family, RBS Car Hire Multi seater vehicle hire is your best choice.

You can rent a minibus or a bus.

Our luxurious multi-seater vehicles range caters for any vehicle rental need. Whether you are planning on travelling in a small or large group, we have a 6 seater vehicle rental up to 60 seater coaches available. You can experience and appreciate comfortable and spacious travelling with our popular multi-seater vehicle fleet.

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An easy process to follow and RBS Car Hire will help you find the vehicle rental that suits your needs and desires. Get your quote today and let us handle the rest. RBS Car Hire is in the business of giving back, so go look at our meet and beat special deal.

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Luxury Vehicles

Do you have a taste for elegance and luxurious comfort? United Vehicle Services has a luxury car hire that will entice you and satisfy your luxury car rental needs.

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Whether you are going on a business trip, taking your partner on an opulent getaway or planning an off-road trip, our versatile and diverse luxury vehicle fleet can cater for any occasion.

What luxury vehicles are available?

We have a range of rentals available from a sporty coupes and classy convertibles to spacious luxurious sedans and powerful 4×4’s. Go through our list below and decide which luxury car rental fits with your personality. Get your quote today and book your rental. We are also in the business of giving back, so take a look at our meet and beat special deal.

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Commercial Vehicles

RBS Car Hire has a wide selection of load carrying vehicles available, ranging from:1 ton Bakkies to Vans to flatbed trucks and enclosed trucks.

So no matter how small or large your payload is or whether you are moving house or office..or simply need to get stuff from one destination to another give us a call so that we can facilitate your needs. And for your off-road requirements,we also have a range of single and double cab 4×4’s

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Specialised Vehicles

Are you planning a night out on town, a golf day with your work employees or a camping trip with your family? RBS Car Hire specialised cars and vehicles are tailored for your unique rental needs.

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Our extensive range of specialised vehicles includes comfortable Camper Vans, Armour Plated Vehicles, luxurious Limousines, Film vehicles, trailers for travelling and Golfing vehicles. Request a quote today and book one of our specialised cars. RBS Car Hire will ensure your specialised commercial vehicle hire process is easy and hassle-free.

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